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Welcome to your Future

Creating the soulful business and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted is closer than you realize. As a life and business strategist with more than two decades of experience, I’m dedicated to the journey of self-mastery and spirituality, and my purpose in life is to teach people like you how to embark on their own journey through intensive programs, extensive free resources, and her podcast, Thank Goodness It’s Monday. I believe that you can have your cake and eat it too: you can be of service to others, change the world and still live the life you dream of. 

In only 35 minutes, you’ll learn: 
How specific brainwave states impact your beliefs… and how those beliefs either hold you back or catapult you forward; The 3 power shifts required to become the full expression of the woman you are here to be (and it doesn’t have to take a ton of time to get there either!) + a LOA surprise; How to transform the key element separating those who struggle from those who succeed and much more!



Free Masterclass: 3 Powerful Shifts to Release Abundance Blocks

The Happiness Planner is your guide to more organization and happiness through gratitude, manifestation and intention. Reflect on what you have to give gratitude. Set the intention to bring in your deepest desires through guided lists, affirmations, journal prompts and more. Create your own Magical Morning ritual to start each day with a clear direction and better mood to manifest more joy and fulfillment into your life.

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The Happiness Planner

Set the intention to live happier

You’ve never seen a planner like this before! Not only are the tools provided for breaking down each day into bite sized pieces and lists, you’ll also have the guidance you need to do a little bit of work on the inside each day as well. The result? Clarity and direction toward your goals and tracking your progress on the outside, and the inner work for more happiness and abundance for a full circle effect in creating the life of your dreams. 

Unlike any planner you’ve had before

From secrets of better sleep to life- changing habits to increase your productivity, The Essential Life Hacks is a curated list that balances the science and spirituality behind manifestation. You’ll gain advice on what habits to implement into your daily routine, and the science to explain why they work. Manifesting your dream life just got a whole lot simpler.

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Essential Life Hacks

Use these simple hacks to create a happier, more abundant life!

Created with peace and simplicity in mind, The Essential Life Hacks is broken down into bite-size pieces of information, so you can skip the fluffy stuff and dive right into the goods. There’s no time like the present to make positive shifts in your life and start bringing in the abundance and success you long for.

Ditch the overwhelm

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You could be anywhere in the world right now, and you are here with me reading this. I believe this is because you're being called forth to unleash your potential. Let me guide you into your role as a manifestor and turn your dreams into a manifested reality.

You live in a world of potential. I have a sixth sense for patterns and subtle connections that helps me grasp the essence of a person or a situation faster than I can logically explain. This is why I can help you carve out the path to your greatest potential.

Do you trust your gifts? I didn't trust mine, and comfortably expressing them took me many years. The lack of creative expression led me into deep suffering. I know the world needs you and your uniqueness and I would love to encourage and guide you on the way to discover your greatest potential.

My great strength lies in the power of creative imagination and this enables me to peer deep into the future and envisage new possibilities for my clients.
I operate on a deep instinctive insight into human behaviour and thrive on helping you build a personal empire of abundance, impact and self-awareness.

Are you ready to find your gifts and share them with the world?

a note from toini

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Join me for a free 40 minute masterclass


"She is a well-read, experienced and trustworthy coach who I am truly grateful for having in my life. Thanks to her guiding I now believe in myself, work with what I love and dare to dream BIG. Thank you Toini."

"My love for this beautiful lady is boundless. I finished my course with Toini at the beginning of the year and it was such a powerful way to start 2019. The content and her guidance helped me explore new parts of my shadow that I had been ignoring or didn't know existed."

"I've just recently completed the 3 month Coaching Program with Toini Halle and what a beautifully empowering experience I've had along this journey. Toini helped me to see life & business with an eyes wide open and multi-dimensional perspective."

"I've learnt not to survive but how to step into my greatness and power. I've recently gained the courage to start my own SoulFit business where I'm manifesting, developing and creating from my heart space, which feels really amazing."

"If you are looking to evolve within yourself and your business, I highly recommend Toini and her strengthening and inspiring style. This woman coaches from her amazing experience and is nothing but 100% authentic and genuine."

"I've been in a group coaching program for 3 months with amazing women led by the extraordinary and loving Toni. It has truly changed my life. I've grown more in this safe and loving space than I ever thought possible in this small amount of time."

"Toini has given me the most beautiful gift someone could ever give; believing in myself. She has shown me that I AM worthy, and I AM enough! 💖 Her coaching style is so beautiful with the perfect balance with both confrontation and honesty."

"I had SO many insights during Toini’s amazing group coaching program. But the biggest one was being able to trust and love myself and my inner voice, and see myself in a whole new perspective."

"It was an amazing journey, Toini was great, an inspiring person and coach that I recommend with all my heart and soul. It was a great experience to be part of the group coaching."

"Halla at this powerful Toini and her amazing coaching, soul guiding and personal touch with people. Thank you for being so supportive and REAL. You gave me strength and energy through your words of wisdom."